Habit #2 : Meditate | Contemplate

Moving onto habit #2 – Meditate | Contemplate...

Now that we’ve tackled the habit to make more time, let’s put the time to productive use – praying!

There are many apps and resources out there to help you in your prayer / meditation / contemplation pursuits. You can find them easily by searching with keywords in the iTunes App Store, iTunes U and Podcasts apps on your iPhone or iPad. Once you download or subscribed to these apps or channels, you’ve got a steady stream of resources of apps and media to keep you going.

For example, do an app search in the iTunes app store and you get a whole catalog of apps you can try out and see if they might help you to keep that new habit (see below).


As you meditate and contemplate, you might need some tools. Journals, diaries and notebooks are available for almost any kind of preferences – if you like typing, writing, scribbling, sketching, even audio recording, or all types at the same time!

Just to make it easier, if you’re into writing and scribbling, try these apps

1. Paper
2. Penultimate
3. Noteshelf
4. Bamboo Paper
5. My Bic Notes

If you’re into diaries and typed entries, try

1. Day One
2. Awesome Note
3. Evernote
4. Daily Notes
5. Notestab

For those of you who are more ‘creative’ and long for combinations of writing, scribbling and even videos, consider

1. Noteledge
2. Mental Note
3. Moleskine
4. Online services and app such as WordPress
5. Magical Pad

Lastly, when praying and meditating, we sometimes need the right ambience. These apps and resources can help you get into the mood…


1. In your iTunes music on your laptop, you’ve got access to internet radio (Gregorian Chants in Classics is one of my fave channels – see pic above)
2. If you want access to internet radio on your iOS device, try Tunein Radio
3. Apps like Bloom, Naturespace and Relax Melodies can help with natural, ambient sounds
4. If you need to do something to do with your fingers while you meditate, try Bloom in ‘creative mode’ and Koi Pond
5. If you’re the intellectual kind that needs something to reflect on while you pray, try Rhema, Gratitude Diary or Gratitude Journal.

Hope this exhaustive list of apps will keep the momentum going for you. As a sign off, here’s a video to set the tone (while we’re on the subject of ‘Gratitude’ – awesome video)


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