What People Say about iGod

The iGod series of public and PD workshops in schools have been very well received. Here are some of the feedback from participants at the workshops.

In response to the question, ‘What one thing made the most impact on you from the session?’ 

“MMT – made me think!”

“Anti-Social Media – a great way to approach students”

“Openness and discussion”

“The way technology impacts how we think – Google Amnesia!”

“The discussion about different ‘learning styles’ and social media”

“It showed me an effective way to open dialogue about social media with my students”

“Blogging and how it is friendly and accessible”

“Challenge to JUMP IN AND TRY!”

“Finding how easy it is to blog”

“What I don’t know about technology – it’s just amazing!”

“The wide and extraordinary range of apps available!!!”

“Journalling on an iPad”

“To see the possibilities of the iPad”

“Very enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and well approachable”

“The different ways to engage in spirituality that I hadn’t thought of before – thank you!”

“The knowledge and generosity of the presenter – thank you!”

“David’s enthusiasm and passion – how to make technology / apps serve our human-ness”

“Using the iPhone (wow!) as well as the iPad for interactive apps”

“The motivation of the presenter!”

“How easy it was to create a professional looking poster”

“How easy it is to make a great presentation!”

“The idea of seminal moments – and that we as teachers can keep to encourage these”

“The different videos all hit ‘notes’ at the time of watching them”

“Discussion about whether we are compass or maps”

“Difference between stimulation and engagement”

“The way the session was organised, the format of the different project ideas”

“I was amazed at the wide range of topics available through apps and Google”

“Technology is endless”

“So many wonderful things”

“Informality, inclusivity, engagement”

“Gained a broader knowledge on different apps (uses)”

“Influence of technology NOW”

“Good introduction to useful apps, great technological info”

“The enormity of the task with respect to having students make discerning choices re appropriate technology / apps”

“The need to instill a set of values in our students in regards to correct usage of iPads”

“The discussion about the fact that the world is changing so rapidly. Interesting and engaging.”

“Things you didn’t know”

“The questions raised by other participants and the suggested ideas to address them.”

If you want to know more about iGod or any of the Professional Development programs we have on offer, please contact us today.


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