Habit #1 : Making Time to Pray

Habit #1 – Making time to pray…

First, let’s talk about ‘making time’ – crucial before anything else. If we don’t have time (universally acknowledged as the ultimate resource – not renewable, recoverable nor reusable!) in the first place, it’ll be hard to do much else. Most people today would agree that they are short on time, and it’s getting shorter!

The book that helped me get an insight on time is Peter Drucker’s ‘The Effective Executive’. The topic on Time Management is superb! Highly recommended. Link to review here.

Another insightful concept about time I got from ‘The Secret Powers of Time’ – extremely relevant to educators and influencers of young people. Note the bits about ‘delayed gratification’ and ‘10,000 hours‘.

If you’re looking for more info on the apps we tried in this section – here are video links to reviews of two (Any.do) and (30/30).

Next, we talk about ‘measuring prayer time’. Time is one of those things that when you speed it up or slow it down, perspectives change. Here’s an interesting video to illustrate just that!

If you’re looking for an app to create something like this, try this app. Two apps that come to mind when you want to measure prayer time are Pronto and Time Counter.

The third and last bit from habit #1 is ‘measuring and creating new habits.’ Another nice little video from RSA talks a bit about (true) motivation, something connected with wanting to create new habits. It’s in our creative DNA, I tell you!

And here are a couple of links to apps that can help you create new habits, or change old ones! Enjoy…





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