Tis’ the season to be merry…

Well, it’s the silly season again… And the debate has already started about whether Jesus would be at the centre of Christmas this time. I guess my response to that would be, it depends… on YOU!

Before we get into all that, what does Christmas signify for you, I mean, really? For me personally, Christmas has always been about starting afresh, about a new hope (by the way, have you seen this – for next Christmas?)… about wiping the slate clean and giving everything a chance to start over.

Funnily enough, I came across two articles today about education that I simply had to share, in the hope that someone out there would take note and dare to start over. In this day and age, starting over is so easy and possible. Our parents and their parents never had the chance to start over. By the time they realized they wanted another path, it was too difficult and too late to even try. Of course there were exceptions, but mostly, people just took it as a dream gone by.

Have a read, and see if they can spark a bit of a revolution in your mind and heart for next year. 365 days is a long time these days, and with a little bit of enthusiasm and a lot of teamwork, you can achieve almost anything. If you’re game, I’d like to be on your team!

Interesting how things panned out even if both these authors didn’t actually get the schooling they wanted / needed. But, you have the power the change all that for future generations – it starts with you!

Like it did with Jesus 2,000 years ago.

Looking for resources to share to start talking about Christmas, Baby Jesus and Advent?

Here are 3 to try out… (sadly, these are old but IMHO, they are still the best ones to use…)


And this one is a tad wacky but hey, it’s a wacky world out there! And it is the silly season…

I sometimes wonder if perhaps things were not a little bit more exciting and action-packed then than what we read now. After all, miracles, breakthroughs and all things magical were happening in those days much to the awe of the writers and chroniclers. Maybe they didn’t have the ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Movie-Review’ lingo in those days that’s why the stories don’t seem to be so ‘out-there’.

Which reminds me of this…

A little boy went to church with his grandma. He went into Sunday school with the other kids. After church he rejoined his grandma, who asked what he had learned that day.

“Well there was this guy named Moses,” the boy started, “and he was running from this mean pharaoh. Moses & his army came to the Red Sea, but pharaoh was closing in, so Moses had his engineers build a bridge real quick & they got in their tanks & went across it. They got to the other side & when pharaoh’s army was still on it they called in an air strike!!”

“I don’t think that’s the story you were told,” the grandma said.

“You’re right grandma, but if I told you the story they told us you wouldn’t believe it either.”

Speaking of Moses, Nic is going to watch Moses tomorrow… and believe it or not, it’s in the Bible… 🙂