Choose Love

I was a bit stumped this week preparing for the next iGod workshop in Craigieburn next month. So, I did the most reasonable thing I could think of and asked my fellow sojourners for help, and lo behold – the creative Holy Spirit intervened and voila, all clear… I wasn’t actually asking for help in doing the task, but in essence I was asking for help to gain clarity and direction for my thinking and being.

The theme of the conference is John 10:10, “I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” Patrick’s response helped clarify that for me once again.

From my little predicament, I realized I have started the year on the wrong foot. I led with my head instead of my heart, a simple enough error, but enormous in the implications that can grow out of the misstep. I chose fear, instead of love.

Fortunately, I asked and Patrick helped set me straight in a way that he always does. Thanks, bro!

Leading with the head is different from leading from the heart. The symbolic head lead is filled with fear, anxiety, pessimism, what-ifs of the ‘when things go wrong’ type and generally, a mindset of scarcity rather than abundance.

Generally, a heart lead is filled with enthusiasm, optimism, gratitude, love and faith. A heart lead focuses more on possibilities and extraordinary outcomes, and more often than not, if we can keep the head-lead in check, we achieve beyond our expectations. The good point about a heart lead is that we have peace with the outcomes no matter what.

It is easy to confuse a head lead with a heart lead though. If you search deeply, you will find that a head lead depends on analysis, an over focus of when things went wrong in the past and more of an emphasis on plan B than plan A (i.e. planning to fail). It is also easier to have un-peace with the head than the heart. All in, it’s based in fear.

A heart lead is often categorized by a reliance on God and pins the outcome on prayer, faith and love. In some instances, it defies reason and logic. Intuition comes in, and with that a sense of letting go and freedom to let the outcomes work themselves out. That’s what love is, love expands and gives of itself but never wears out.

To live out John 10:10, I personally believe we need to lead with the heart and not with our heads. We need to choose love, and not even give fear any thought. A fearless life, what a concept!

What do you think? Are you choosing love over fear today?

Over to you, Jim…