The iGod Series

Since 2011, we have been developing and delivering different iGod sessions catered to achieve specific objectives and outcomes. The underlying notion behind all our workshops is, ‘iGod – Where Spirituality Meets Technology’. Every workshop we conducted focused on the potential impact and opportunities that technology can invoke and nurture spirituality.

Our workshops have been delivered as a public program at the centre as well as specifically developed PD sessions in schools all across the Victoria. Additionally, the iGod series have also been presented at the CEOM RE Conference in 2012 and will again be presented in 2014, as well as the upcoming Southern Zone conference in Warrnambool in July 2014.

The feedback we have received have been very positive, and we continue to improve and refine our workshops. For a broad outline of our iGod workshops, see the details below.

iGod : The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

The original iGod Workshop focuses on how technology is changing the way we learn, live and interact. The workshop kicks off with some informative videos about how rapidly the world is changing before we break into groups to explore different apps and resources that can help us navigate and leverage our spiritual journeying in life. Participants gain an understanding and unique appreciation that in the midst of all the noise and busy-ness, we can still be plugged into spirituality and God.


iGod : Social Justice


This workshop takes a very common and popular topic in spirituality – Social Justice – and challenges the participants to step up, embrace technology and take their social responsibility into the digital space. Participants are encourage to pick a stream within the workshop to express their holy discontent – blogging, journalling, and other artistic forms.



iGod : 7 Habits of Highly Spiritual People

This workshop takes the very popular ‘7 Habits’ perspective and apply it to spiritual sojourners – equipped with modern devices and apps. The result is a hands-on, no holds barred exploration of how you can have your spirituality and express it too, on your smartphone or digital device. Filled to the brim with app-iness, this workshop is perfect for those who want to super-charge their spirituality.



iGod : iSpirituality

This workshop is an exploration of what it means when spirituality meets technology. Kicking off with some videos that entice and evoke a spiritual response, the session soon becomes a chatty conversation to share and exchange ideas for how everyone embarks on their own personal spiritual journeys, technologically powered, of course. The session ends with an exploration of different apps and resources that enhances the spiritual experience.


iGod : Magic


This is a specific workshop to explore how apps and devices can be used spontaneously and serendipitously to create spiritual moments and memories. Participants explore the ideas behind making a magical presentation and use that for their personal spiritual record and journalling. This is a fun-filled, hands-on and often chaotic but never unfulfilling exploration of what technology can do to help you live spiritually.

If you have any questions about how iGod can help you or your organisation to explore spirituality and technology, please contact us today.


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