The iGod series is facilitated and supported by 4 personalities…


David Cheah is a futurist who’s always been into technology and gadgets. With them, he has found a way to integrate his spiritual pursuits with the snazziest devices to tap into the curious and surprising resources available in the digital realm. Coupled with his passion for truth and all things spiritual, David believes that there must be a higher purpose for gadgets and he is totally dedicated to evangelizing how we can use gadgets to fulfill the higher purpose of spiritual growth. Professionally, David is a strategist and futurist advising businesses and organisations on business, strategy, marketing and communications. Over the past 2 years, David had been engaging the educational and spiritual fraternity with the iGod series of workshops, challenging participants on what it means to be an empowered educator and communicator in today’s amazing tech-driven world.

Irene Hayes is the Centre Manager of The Carmelite Centre Melbourne. Her passion to see others flourish in their personal spiritual journeys has enabled the team to create and develop the series as a timely means to help everyone at every level of the spiritual journey to boost their experience with the latest technology.

Patrick Jurd is very comfortable with spirituality and how young people engage with technology as the accelerator and enabler. As a hands-on, hearts-on mentor and leader of young people, his support, spiritual input and encouragement in the series have been invaluable. He provides a practical foundation to help the series evolve and engagement to meet educators where they are at, empowering them with insights to challenge and mould young people as they are guided to live the Gospel today. Follow Patrick’s journey in his blog, http://livedgospel.wordpress.com

Noel has a lifelong passion for learning and technology. His wide experience and awareness of technology trends and how they relate to learning, teaching and ‘hands-on’ exploration make him another invaluable team in the series. He is always willing and able to guide anyone at any level to become more ‘adept’ – in practical ways!


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