A Passage to India

You’ve seen it in movies, watched ads and National Geographic documentaries but until you land here and experience it with your own senses, you will not understand and appreciate the exhilaration and chaos that is INDIA.


I’ve had the opportunity now to visit India for the 3rd time, and each time, you see a different facet of this remarkable culture.

This time around, I’ve also gotten to see first hand the setting up of a new school but more importantly, the idea of schooling for a people group (or caste) that has never been ‘allowed’ to have access to education. That’s the Snake Charmer caste.


Can you imagine that? You are not allowed to go to school, to learn, to experience mental and intellectual growth… at least in the academic sense.

I had the opportunity to speak to them, these freshies. I asked them, ‘So what do you want to be when you graduate?’ before it dawned upon me, that’s way too far fetched for them to imagine. Funny how we take things for granted, eh? For centuries, these people have been ‘snake charmers’ – generation upon generation, that’s their one and only ‘career path’. If you are born here, you are a snake charmer. No career counseling required, or available.

Which reminds me, I need to make a mental note to buy and send the kids the awesomest book on snakes so that they can teach their parents about snakes and snake handling… 🙂