Creating a (Sacred) Digital Space

I was a tad disappointed that we had to cancel our Digital Space iGod session this weekend. Alas, past experience had shown us that this period is one of the busiest in the school calendar so it’s not unexpected. We didn’t have enough numbers to make the interaction meaningful between participants so we decided to call it off.

But, all is not lost – in this post, I hope to give enough information for you to Create Your Own (Sacred) Digital Space – most of the apps and resources I was hoping to cover in the session will be introduced here, so with a bit of ingenuity and effort, you should be able to re-create the session in your own space and time.

The idea of a Digital Space is something new and recent thanks to the depth and extent that gadgets and devices and apps can create a meaningful and engaging experience for users. Thankfully, with just a gadget or two and some accessories, you can create your own digital space.

Sacred Music

Personally for me, music is one of the most important ingredients to create a digital space that works. There are a few ways for you to start the ball rolling. If you have an extensive music collection, create a ‘Holy’ playlist and have Siri play it every time you are in the mood, just say, ‘Siri, play my Holy playlist’. Works for me! Here’s a great article on how to create a playlist, if you haven’t created one before.

If you have way too many songs, you can take a shortcut and do a Genius playlist instead. Pick a song you feel gets you into the ‘Holy’ space, then use the Genius function in iTunes or Music app in your iPad or iPhone to make a Genius playlist based on the song. You’ll be amazed how quickly and effectively the smarts in the playlist maker select the right songs to put in the playlist.

Another option to consider is iTunes Radio. To make that work, you’ll need to log into your iTunes account first. Once that turns up in your iTunes, look for the Radio tab, get to My Stations and create your own streaming radio station, even from your iOS device! Pick an artist, song or genre to kickstart the selection. If you need some help, try ‘Planetshakers’ or ‘Hillsong’ to get started.

Internet radio apps like TuneIn, Spotify and Pandora works too. Download the app onto your device and just set up your preferences.

Of course, getting a nice set of external (preferably Bluetooth or Wireless) speakers help with the ambience. Or a nice set of headphones (wireless is good) helps too.

Prayer Apps & Websites 

There are way too many apps and websites dedicated to prayer and devotion to cover so I’ll shortlist a few very unique and different ones just to give you an idea of the scope and diversity available. All of them are free so take them for a spin and see if any suits the way you engage with spirituality.

There are many apps and resources available, and they are there to cater to all the different ways people engage spiritually. Experiment, explore and discover the ones you prefer. Share them with others and seek out how others engage too. There are also many wonderful videos like the Gratitude video, and if you’re looking for a spiritual eye candy experience you can’t go wrong with Samsara or Baraka.

Happy Exploring!






3 thoughts on “Creating a (Sacred) Digital Space

  1. Thanks so much David – what a wealth of information here! I was motivated to set up a radio list on iTunes and found searching under ‘Prayer’ and ‘Light Classical’ some inspiring music to start with. Also Damien and I recently purchased a Bose SoundTouch speaker which I hadn’t got around to setting up. Saturday was the day given we didn’t have the workshop. The enhanced sound takes the ambience to a whole new level. Thanks for the inspiration as always David, Irene & Damien

    • Great to hear you’ve gotten somewhere with the instructions, Irene! Yes, a high quality speaker makes all the difference! Have you tried the Bose headphones, some of them are literally out-of-this-world!

      • oh yes David, we were blessed to be loaned some Bose speakers for the long haul flight to LA recently – didn’t want to return them! Definitely on the list to purchase. The noise cancelling features are amazing.

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