Today is RUOK? Day – So, Happy RUOK? Day everyone!

It sounds like a very simple idea, but it’s a huge idea that can make a significant impact in someone’s life. I don’t think I am exagerrating when I say it could be a life-changing idea at the right time.

In our daily grind, we come across people who either add or subtract the little stresses that can make or break the mental time bomb we carry everywhere. Unless enough people care to instinctively and deliberately defuse that bomb, we grow up harboring negative thoughts, ideas and notions that eventually become physical manifestations in our lives and the lives of people we love around us.

RUOK is a simple starting point to show you care, and can sometimes open doors and invite conversations that can restore and repair relationships, hurt and pain so that healing and loving can happen.

So, why not step out today and ask someone near you, ARE YOU OK?

Another idea I’d like to share along this theme is, how about asking yourself ‘ARE YOU OK?’ Technology has progressed sufficiently these days to easily, conveniently and discreetly send your future self letters. Have you read this heart-wrenching article about Taylor Smith’s letter to her future self?

So, what would you write to your future self? And when?

I personally don’t think there’s a rule for either. It’s entirely up to you, and you can write many different letters or even just short notes. You could be going through a tough or euphoric time now, and you just wanted to ‘bottle’ the moment and remind yourself a week, a month, a year or a decade ahead how you actually feel right here, right now and what triggers you want to include to remember the moment – music, smell, who you were with, a photo, article, thought, idea – anything!

If you’re really stuck for ideas, try this for inspiration.

So, now – how do you do it? Here are a few resources to try out…

Alternatively, you could be someone who prefer to look at the past and think about those moments. How do you organize your special memories and revisit them?

Personally, I use DayOne to organize my ‘memories’. I looked and looked for an app that can help me chronicle my life in thoughts and photos that I can easily revisit every year to the day just to remind me where I was on that day a year or more before but there weren’t many that fit the bill. So, I did a workaround and used DayOne to do what I needed.

Firstly, I created a hashtag for each day (i.e. #sep11) and ensured that I used the hashtag for every day entry to mark the date. I also ensured they are consistent and spelled right! Hence, every day when I end my day, I recapped my day and took the opportunity to search the day’s hashtag to see where I was and what was happening at the time in the past. DayOne worked great with this workaround and because I sync with my iMac, iPad and iPhone, I can capture and reminisce anytime, anywhere… This little trick would work with almost any note taker available today – Evernote, Awesome Note, OneNote – the key is in the hashtag.

It may sound like a lot of work but over the years, it’s worked out nicely and I am so super glad I took the trouble. Especially now that I am starting to forget what happened and how I felt at the time. The kids growing up at the speed of light doesn’t help either. It’s hard to imagine how different things were 3, 5 or 7 years ago. With video and audio and photos, wow – you can almost relive the moment… Trust me, it’s priceless! For your future’s sake, do this NOW!





2 thoughts on “RU OK?

  1. Dear David, Are you OK? Your are spreading the good news in remarkable ways. Since I met you at the RE Conference, I count you as one of my ‘good news’ people and share what you send via email to others on the staff. Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your inspiration. Kind regards, Anita Davine

    From: iGod <> Reply-To: iGod <> Date: Thursday, 11 September 2014 10:48 am To: Anita Davine <> Subject: [New post] RU OK?

    davidcheah posted: ” Today is RUOK? Day – So, Happy RUOK? Day everyone! It sounds like a very simple idea, but it’s a huge idea that can make a significant impact in someone’s life. I don’t think I am exagerrating when I say it could be a life-changing idea at the righ”

    • Hi Anita, wow – i am definitely OK especially after your so kind and humbling words! It’s always nice to feel appreciated and know we’re making a difference. Hope you and yours are OK too, you are a kind and very encouraging soul and I thank God I’ve got you onside! Let’s keep influencing and lighting the way, shall we?

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