Be Thankful

Thankfulness is one of the most important and overlooked character traits you and I need to survive these days. In a sense, thankfulness or gratitude is an antidote to worrying and anxiety, and let’s face it, who isn’t worried these days?

I mean, look at some of these facts – if you weren’t ultra worried before, you should be after studying them. Here’s one of my fave from the list.

What can we do to nurture a spirit of humility, thankfulness and gratitude in this age of entitlement with our kids and students? Plenty, in fact. Here are some suggestions.

1. The grass is greener on the other side? Maybe, maybe not – Have a look at these photos – it’s a set about what people around the world eat (and the calories consumed). Or this one, same idea – but of a family’s consumption instead. Puts into perspective how blessed we are, no?

2. What about bedtime? Here’s a gallery of how kids in different parts of the world spend their nights. Take note of some of the propaganda on show, wow – scary to think how some of them will grow up thinking?

3. What about we create a digital prayer and reflection space? Try this video by Louie Schwartzberg – The visuals and narration (including the message about gratitude) works perfectly to challenge, confront and direct us into a mental and spiritual space that’s filled with gratitude.

4. How about some life altering questions? Here’s a link to some really thought provoking and potentially life-changing questions. Suggest you pick a few rather than overload with the whole set!

5. Personally though, if I had the opportunity, I’d go full left field and take an excursion shopping. I’d tell each student to prepare $2.80 and pick a friend from class to buy a gift for – something to thank him or her for being a friend. Then, I’d take the whole class to Daiso – where you’ll find more than 200,000 products, all priced at the same price of $2.80. (Mind you, a huge majority of these products are designer made – the Japanese are still leaders of single purpose designed products and Daiso is one of their flagship proponents of this thinking globally). And watch what happens. Will it work? God knows!

6. If all else fails, we can try my personal mantra, “It Could Be Worse!” – Can you guess where I picked this from? I had this all my life, and I only (re)discovered where it first seeded more than 2 decades later… If you thought of that classic scene by Mel Brooks, I’d have to say that was the scene that reinforced it, but not seeded it. Guess again…  🙂

Have a grateful rest of the week!



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