What is a seminary? According to the dictionary, a seminary is

  1. A college that prepares students to be priests, ministers, or rabbis.
  2. A place or thing in which something is developed or cultivated: “a seminary of sedition”.

If we look at definition no. 2, wouldn’t that make all schools seminaries? Is the internet a seminary now that learning has transcended physical and inter-personal boundaries?

What about seminal (as in a seminal moment)? Again, definition of seminal is

1. (of a work , event, moment, or figure ) strongly influencing later developments

Do you remember those seminal moments that make you who (not what) you are today? If you need some help remembering, try this link.


I realized not too long ago that oftentimes, people go back to visit places they grew up in not because they wanted to visit the place, but rather, they wanted to revisit the time. It’s like our Bethel moment.

Some songs do that to us. Some foods do that too, for example, ice cream. Smells do too, that brand of perfume, or that aroma. They trigger our recollection of what’s important and seminal to us. They evoke the sense of awe and reverence in how we felt, almost like a time travel moment.

Deep within each of us are seeds waiting to sprout, put there by circumstances, experiences and people – ready to grow when the time is right. Perhaps, the time is right now for another seed to grow.

I leave you with a talk by Candy Change who created wonderful art movements that touch the soul – Enjoy!


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