Habit #5 : Valuing Your Relationships

One of the biggest insights one can have about spirituality is referenced through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. If you want a quick, easily digest-able and contemporary exploration of how the hierarchy works, here’s an interesting video illustration based on Disney’s movie, Up.

Relationships (or sense of belonging) is one of the most prevalent needs in the hierarchy – especially so in our 24 x 7 x 365 uber-connected world today. Teens fully live the ethos of hyper-social-connectedness. That’s one of the reasons why kids and teens these days as so into Facebook, social media and keeping in touch. Many fail to realize that the tech is not the motivator, merely the means – sense of belonging (and wanting to be a part of the crowd) are the key drivers.

In Jesus’ time, staying connected must have seem pretty archaic compared to today. The lyrics from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar always reminds me of how different things were then than today. Mass communication today is extremely pervasive and ‘devastatingly’ effective. That doesn’t mean it’s positive or always constructive though.

By the way, those of you who wish to go back to the days of pen-pals and snail-mail communications, well – there’s an app for that!

So, how do you value your relationships (spiritually) in this day and age of technological ‘boom’? Here are some apps to help you be the light and salt to the earth…

1. Amen – Spread the good things in life by commenting and advocating good stuff, and shooting down bad stuff
2. Twitter – Attract or join a tribe of like minded people via microblogging
3. Facebook – With FB, you can connect with family, friends, organise events and causes
4. Pinterest – Seek and share all the nice (and weird) things in life with people around the world
5. Google+ – Join and subscribe to special-interest communities and share your own personal learnings
6. Cards – Use this app to create a personal photo card on your iPad or iPhone and mail a physical card to anyone anywhere in the world!
7. Evernote Hello – This awesome app helps you to keep track of contacts and those special meeting moments in a timeline
8. Evernote Food – Another awesome app to keep track of those gastronomic adventures with friends and family
9. Occasions : Birthdays – A great app to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries (including those from FB calendars and contacts)
10. Zapd – Easily set up a website (looks professional and snazzy) on the go from your iPhone or iPad!

To end this blog entry, here’s a link to 99 stories that MMT (makes me think) – a collection of seminal life snippets from real people impacted by real experiences in their relationships that change the direction of their lives. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Habit #5 : Valuing Your Relationships

  1. Thanks for your thoughts, David, especially the website at the end – and I’ve only read the first 10!! Peace :))

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