Welcome to iGod 2013


Welcome to iGod 2013. It’s been more than a year since we had our first iGod session in March last year. Over the year, we had 2 more iGod sessions at The Carmelite Centre Melbourne and 4 in-school sessions. Another highlight for iGod as a series last year was at the RE Conference in July 2012. In a little more than a year, an estimated 150 educators and RE coordinators have participated in and exposed to one or more of the different iterations of the iGod series.

We are humbled and thankful that we have been given the opportunity to share our perspectives and (hopefully) our talents to help people overcome the fear of technology and re-ignite the spark for creative spiritual exploration in their lives and the lives of those they teach and mentor. It is our hope and dream that we may be able to keep the flame burning as more and more people begin to realize that like science, technology can be a great pointer and illuminator of all things spiritual.

As others seek the burning bush, I pray that you wake up today and realize that in fact, every bush is burning. May you see clearly, obey bravely and live wholly.


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