Session 1


Welcome to our very first session for 2013. We’ve decided to theme this session ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Spiritual People’. Over the past 12 months, we have focused mainly on the ‘how-to’ and technical aspects and it was very easy to get carried away with the left-brained, analytical and mathematical side of things and forget the emotional, spiritual and feel-good side.

So, we decided to change all that and focus more on the human side.

For the participants, thank you for coming, and as promised, here are the resources used in the session. Feel free to experiment and explore and adapt to your own needs.

A Few Minutes of Perfection

Session 1 Slides

Session 1 Workbook

Session 1 Slides PPT

Session 1 Workbook PPT

And here are the links to the websites of the apps used in the workshop To Do list
Dooo To-Do Note
Way of Life
Time Counter
Good Habits
Habit List
Wonderful Day
2Do : Tasks done in Style

Thanks everyone for attending, and keep visiting the site to keep the momentum going!


2 thoughts on “Session 1

  1. Hi, David! The whole concept is brilliant and highly worthy of you and your colleagues. Our prayer is that many will avail of your expertise and encouragements to be on-fire with the tecnology that is around…and in doing so, that they themselves will be influencers of others. May 2013 be a successful year for iGod. Regards and blessings. Drs Robert and Maureen McQuillan

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